Denis Karimani started making electronic music at the age of 13 years and got addicted to it without fail. After lonely and quiet years of experimenting and self-discovery he released his first 12" called "Hypnoconsole" in the year 2002 on ZombieNation's Label Dekathlon Records and got remixed by Munich-Techno-Hero Richard Bartz. The first livegigs followed directly and led him into smoky rave-basements, uproarious clubs, sunny open-airs, as well as shaky party-boats...

Due to excessive and unresting music-making Denis released lots of 12"s and made several remixes in the following years. He released records on fine labels like Traum/Trapez/MBF, Areal , Dial, Weave or Liebe*Detail and made remixes for artists like Dominik Eulberg, Move D or Kid Alex.

In 2006 he released his first highly acclaimed self-titled album on Ladomat and since then he is touring excessively througout whole europe. For future records he is also additionally working together with such great labels like Einmaleins, Smallville, Turbo, Curle or Mote-Evolver amongst others, so we can expect a huge amount of new tracks and remixes (for Solomun, Guy J, Chris Fortier,...) by Denis and also his several side-projects like "Error Error" (together with Pelle Buys) or his cooperation with Savas Pascalidis. Everything will remain HEISS!

It's pretty tricky to describe his music, but we can make an attempt: For a moment, one may find the well known coordinates of electronic dance-music in his tracks, but those who would like to hastily stick REMUTE into a category have not listened properly: Here, someone really runs riot and forms hurricanes out of different influences and moods, which carry you away, especially because you never know what is going to happen next: straight minimal house tracks mutate into chopped disco orgies, prudish techno advances meet robotized voices, which cause turbulence in the stereo-sum and what appears to start like a cool electro track might turn into a heartbreaking hymn against sadness.

Generating THE moment is always the highest priority for him. Generating THE moment is also the highest priority when he plays live. His livesets are like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Not just a great rave experience, but especially one of those Do you remember when? -feelings which stick although the moment itself is long gone.

His regular appearance in magazine polls for best live act of the year proves that this is not just theory! He already played in some of the best clubs including PanoramaBar/Berlin, Flex/Vienna, Click/Hamburg, Nitsa/Barcelona, Tresor/Berlin and of course the HarryKlein/Munich.

Besides his liveperformances you can also expect numerous DJ-sets in the future whereby he will emphasize his mission for the ultimate outbreak you are waiting eagerly for... [REMUTE.ORG]

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