conway, wales


Peter Carter aka RETRAC has an intense and passionate relationship with music. In a variety of guises – a DJ, Producer, Label Manager, Musician and most crucially a devoted clubber – he is tuned into the incendiary elements that first get the dance floor simmering and then really set it off.

From age 17 he has been playing House and Techno to crowds at various hotspots in London, Northern England and Wales – supporting the likes of Phil Weeks, Fourtet and Evil Eddie Richards en route. Bringing with him the propulsive elements of the harder style he grew up on, such as D.A.V.E. The Drummer and Hertz, RETRAC combines the raw energy of a party animal with the subtle sensibilities of a musician. Whether it be flying solo or combining with Paps from Super Furry Animals under their Acid Casuals guise, Carter looks to apply a deep musical understanding and has as much appreciation for the subtlety of Beethoven as the animalistic tendencies of nose bleed Gabber.

It was at Ibiza’s seminal DC 10 that the elements of hedonism and sophistication entwined to leave their greatest impression on the young producer. It was there in the Balearic sunshine, during endless days of partying that Carter intensely studied the union of House and Techno – memorizing the make up of the tracks that ignited the club.

After relocating to Leeds from North Wales, Pete delved deep into the city’s club scene, with the skills of Jamie Jones, Matthias Tanzmann, Raresh and Daniel Bell leaving an indelible mark on his mind. This further solidified his desires to see his own tracks working the floor – a dream that was realized when he witnessed Richie Hawtin dropping Acid Casuals' Music Maschine at Amnesia on the White Isle.

Solo RETRAC productions can range through deep, groove laden House into full blown Acid Techno. His debut remix is set to drop on Nottingham’s Deep/Acid/Tech House label Back To The Future and assertively sets out the young producers stall. His appreciation for creeping atmospherics, gritty, growling bass and soaring melodies light the blue touch paper in anticipation of future productions. When on Acid Casuals duty, Pete provides ballsy, eye popping acid moments on tracks that groove and squelch along in a classic acid style updated perfectly for 2009’s discerning dance floors.

As joint head of sOMbOM record label and club night, Carter has a platform to spread his talents as a DJ and producer. An imminent move to Cardiff to bolster the label – that already has tracks climbing the most important charts – will be perfectly timed for an exciting release schedule over the coming months. Brimming with confidence and enthusiasm and with infrastructure in place, 2009 looks like the year that RETRAC brings his unique take on techno and house music screaming into the boxes of the big league.

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